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We're celebrating the summer event on a 5th month since the server started.
All this been said, let's move to the presentation of the event and some informations you might know.

This event is based on drop, you have to collect 15x Ice Cream With Syrup and exchange them at Yu-Hwan on the second village, he will give you a Blessing Chest, each 5 minutes for each 15x I.C.with Syrup.
We recommend you to exchange them each time you have enough items, because of the 5 minutes waiting time between exchanges you might get stuck with a lot of items before the event is over.

The summer event will start on 31/07 at 16:00 CET and will last till the end of AUG.
Blessing Chest drop you might ask?
  • x5 Red Potion (S)
  • x5 Blue Potion (S)
  • Blessing Marble
  • Book of the Leader (3h)
  • x50 Bravery Cape
  • Enchant Item
  • Exorcism Scroll
  • x5 Pomegranate Juice
  • Reinforce Item
  • Stone of the Blacksmith
  • x5 Green Potion (M)
  • x5 Purple Potion (M)
  • Wind Shoes+ (tradeable) (2d 2h)
  • Experience Ring (1h)
  • Passage Ticket
If you have any other question or suggestion please contact US.
Best regards,
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